How to place an order?

You should place your order via e-mail at If you have any questions about the prices, production time and so on, you can always contact us before placing the order. It is important to include the information about the type of product, size, quantitiy and, if available, to send us the graphic files with the enquiry. If you accept the quoted prices and confirm the official order, we will issue an order confirmation and proceed to the digital visualisation. The production starts only after we receive your approval for the visualisation of the ready-made product.

What are the acceptable payment methods?

The standard form of payment is 100% pre-payment via bank transfer.

What are the minimal order quantities?

Minimum order quantity for most of the products is 100pcs – this does not include the name badges (MOQ – 30pcs) and bandanas (MOQ – 10pcs). The minimal quantity per each design is 50pcs. Customisation cost is incurred when there are less than 50pcs per a design.

Does the number of colours influence the price?

The prices in the price list include the full colour CMYK imprint so the number of colour does not change the price – the only exceptions are the name badges. Some products may be printed with PANTONE colours and in this case the number of colours influences the price.

How should we prepare the graphic files?

We accept the graphic files in the following file formats: .pdf, .cdr, .ai, .psd with the minimum resolution of 300dpi. Please remember to prepare the files with CMYK colours, change all the fonts to vectors and keep at least 3mm bleed. You can also use our templates which are available for download on our website.

I do not know much about graphic program and graphic designing. Can you help me?

We can help you modify and adjust your graphic files. In some cases, we can also create the design according to your instructions. The production time may be longer for such an order.

When we will start the production?

Please check the attached artwork in details and indicate your approval if everything is correct. The order cannot be processed without your clear approval for the artwork. If necessary, please indicate any required changes.

Can I receive a pre-production sample or a picture of the first ready-made piece?

If your order quantity is bigger than 10.000pcs, the pre-production samples are free of charge. For smaller quantities, it is possible to receive a picture of the first ready-made piece. If you want to receive a pre-production sample or if making the pre-production sample is advisable due to some reasons (like colour differences, shifts and so on), there may be some extra costs incurred.

Can I change the graphic design after the official order is placed?

If the visual has not been approved yet, it is possible to change the design without any additional costs. Once the visual has been accepted, any changes in the design will lead to extra costs.

Can I change the quantity?

If your order is confirmed, it is only possible to increase the quantity but then the production time may be longer.

How can I check the delivery status of the parcel with my order

You can check the delivery status on UPS or DHL website. Tracking number for each shipment is given on the despatch date and can be found in the document (Confirmation and specification inside the EU delivery) which will be sent with the invoice.

What is the most popular badge size?

56mm round badge is certainly the most popular among our clients. All available sizes and shapes can be found on our website.

What are the possible finishing options for badges?

Standard glossy foil finishing is offered for free. Other types of finishing are available at an extra charge and include foils (matt, soft touch, reflective, glow in dark), papers (canvas paper, armadillo skin, lizard skin) and others, like metallic colour or UV varnish.

Can we get a color proof?

Printed colours may vary slightly from the colours you see on the screen. The exact colour match can not be guaranteed. A prototype sample may be necessary for ideal colour match – 15 EUR. Due to technical reasons, differences in graphic placement, measured in milimetres, may occur in mass production.